Sunday, February 4, 2018

What is Heaven Like According To The Dead

Many of you know that I strive every day to be as accurate and evidential as possible when bringing through messages from the dead. The dead will use symbols like a stethoscope if they were in medicine, or a hammer if they were a carpenter, to let me know what they did for a living. They will show me these symbols clairvoyantly in my mind. They will tap my wrist if there was a bracelet passed down to a family member or friend, or touch my ears to let me know that earrings were left to a loved one. The one thing that they will rarely answer me on is questions about what "heaven" is like. Recently though, I did get some insight from two clever Spirits.

 One was the brother of one of my clients who was a Budweiser fan. I was doing a mediumship reading by phone when I saw my client's brother holding up a can of Budweiser in my mind, clairvoyantly. I told her that he was doing this, and she laughed hard. "Oh yes, my brother loved his Bud," she said. Then, I heard him sing to me, Karen, "In heaven there is no beer, NOT!"Which means that there really is BEER in heaven?!? What a CLEVER brother she had! He gave me a valuable clue and insight into his world. Whatever you think of alcohol on earth, it may be in the afterlife!

The second Spirit came through quite unexpectedly when I was doing a mediumship session at an event. The Italian mother in the family had just lost her mother and desperately wanted to hear from her. That lady came through and made mention who she had met "on the other side" to greet her. It was her sister, Mary. The woman's husband, named Tony, was sitting beside his wife for moral support while I was giving his wife the messages from her mom. All of a sudden the energy changed and I felt that I had a man wearing a "butcher's apron" splattered with blood standing next to me. I felt him, and I saw what he was wearing in my mind. The man told me that he was related to Tony, in fact he was named Tony. I let the living Tony know about "butcher, Tony" standing next to me in Spirit. "Get rid of him" said the living Tony! OMG I said, why? Because he wasn't a good person in life, exclaimed the living Tony. I turned to the Spirit, Tony, and asked him to please leave. He replied, "tell him his namesake is  not in hell!" Then he laughed and left straight away. I relayed the message to the living, Tony and asked him who that was as it felt like it might have been family to him. The living, Tony, replied that his name was "Tony the Butcher" and he was a hitman for the MAFIA back in the day! Wow, just wow....
What makes this so interesting is that Tony "the butcher" had let me know that he indeed was NOT in a bad place we would call hell. So, does that mean that there really is NO HELL? Or, is it just that this man who had done less than honorable things wasn't in a place we would consider to be hell.

I have seen the dead holding their beloved pets who are licking their faces while they relay to me that they have "scruffy" the dog with them safe and sound on the other side. Clearly, it is a relief to know that love does not die whether human or animal. I have watched cats walk by, clairvoyantly, and shake their tails in a greeting of "hello!" Take heart folks....our wonderful pets will greet us when we cross over. Most of them are cared for by relatives and friends until we too "walk over the rainbow bridge."

I will continue to update all of you from time to time with new insights as to what heaven is like as clues come through. Until then, keep the faith! ~ In the Light~ Karen

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