Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Self-Sabotage at The Holidays & How to Avoid it

     It is at this time of the year, the Solstice (the shortest day & the darkest night), that many people take a long hard look at their childhood and their family dynamics and begin to self-talk about the negative and the past. I wish that I had a "magic eraser" or a device like the one in the movie "Men in Black" that could make all recollection of the past disappear for them. The truth is that there are no perfect childhoods, and no perfect families. Trust me on this concept, I have a "bird's eye view" from my reading table.

     Consider this, we remember our childhood through an "imperfect lens" called adulthood. If our childhood was perceived as "very good" it was because we had no responsibilities per say. If you think about it carefully, you will recall no mortgage that you had to pay or rent for that matter. You really had no pressing responsibilities. Your parents carried the burden of these things for you and created a "perfect bubble" to grow up in. So, if your childhood seemed easy, it was!!!

     If you had a less fortunate circumstance that you grew up in, say you only had one parent or lived in poverty, you may see the world through that microcosm which is not the macrocosm. By this I mean that you may see the world as a hard place to navigate based upon your experience during your childhood. Your childhood is the only reference point that you have to go on when making this deduction. But is your childhood the reality of the world as a whole? If perception is reality, then you believe that your perception is correct. But is it really?

     I have been graced with a larger perspective of the human condition based on my being able to step back while doing "the readings" to really "see" what the truth is about people's lives. People aren't perfect, families aren't perfect, and life is imperfect. Self-sabotage comes from a place of ego based reality. We get in our heads about what people must think about us. We don't like the way we look let's say….too fat or too thin. Too short or too tall. Teeth not white enough, hair too thin. You get my drift. Again, we are "in the forest" and cannot see through the trees. Even I, as psychic as I am, have made BIG MISTAKES in my life. (Just ask my mother…LOL) Why? Mostly because I trusted my limited perception as my reality.

If you find yourself isolating, and judging yourself harshly, remember that people really only care about what affects them. Trust me, they are not thinking about the 10-20lbs you have on your hips…they are thinking about their hips and their weight!  I call this the "Look at me now" syndrome. Lucky for us all that people are universally self-consumed.

Go easy on yourself this holiday season. It is all perpetuated by consumerism at this juncture. Reach out to someone less fortunate than yourself. You don't have to give a gift of anything more than your time and your company. Loneliness in America runs rampant. When we give of ourselves to others, we forget about our own troubles.

I wish for all of you PEACE ~ Inner Peace~ this holiday season.

In the Light ~ Karen