Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Does ~ "In The Light" Really Mean?

Many of you know that I recently lost a very dear friend and mentor of mine, Mrs. Randolph. For over thirty plus years she was my sounding board for how to handle tough situations, and was my Spiritual rock when I wondered if I could handle the daily work of developing mediumship.

 When I had to make a decision between corporate job and doing private readings, she made my choice clear by stating: "Are you going to walk your talk or not? Straight talker Mrs. Randolph. No baloney as they say. One piece of advice that she gave me stuck to me like glue. Mind your own business. Speak well of others. Don't join permanent groups or circles as they are just ways to get hurt emotionally, and BEWARE  of the "NEWLY SPIRITUAL."

Now some of you might ask, what does that mean? The NEWLY SPIRITUAL folks are the ones that say things that are "dripping with sarcasm" and then say "In Love and Light….so and so" These are the folks that go out of their way to let you know that they are well NEWLY SPIRITUAL! It is a little like being a Southerner and gossiping about someone and then throwing in the phrase "BLESS THEIR HEART." I say be what you are…..if you are going to go out of your way to be nasty to someone why hide behind words that would indicate you are anything but Spiritual.

James Van Praagh once taught me that "What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business." Wise words from a wise man! Simon James, who is one of the most wonderful teachers of mediumship that I have ever had the privilege of working with, stood in front of students and said if you have an Ego "check it at the door" because if you do not, I will check it for you!
 He also taught me: Karen, "YOU work for the dead people, not the live people. Remember that!"
 Yes, James, I certainly will!

Mrs. Randolph told me that in my lifetime I would be called all manner of names out of ignorance. She was right. I have been called names that I could never have imagined. I don't care. I know who I work for. God, Source, Spirit. I know what "In the Light" really means. I mind my business. I speak well of others or I say nothing at all.

If you have been attacked, persecuted, alienated, accused, berated, or demeaned just remember you are not alone. Spirit knows who is "In the Light" and who is not. "Spirit knows the Truth." Walking with "loving intention" means just that. You demonstrate LOVE through your actions and your words.
I guess I have gotten pretty good at recognizing who the Newly Spiritual are…. HAVE YOU?

Truly, ~ In the Light~ Karen