Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Living Each Day

We all get caught in the day to day frustrations. We have to go to work, bank, grocery shopping, etc...but, sometimes there are things in life that make us stop and think. A wedding, a death, a birth, a picnic with friends, are all moments to stop and savor the moment no matter the joy or the sorrow. If we don't live each day purposefully, we miss the unique opportunity to live "in the moment." I speak with people each day who are focused on money, (fleeting), opportunities, (Ego), what other people think, (futility), family dynamics, (frustrating and unchanging), relationships, (expectations which are often too high). What all of these have in common is that they all will go "by the by" as my grandmother used to say. Try not to let other people's judgements on you or what you do or do not do define you. I often use the example of dropping a pen in front of my client and asking: "If I drop this pen in front of you, are you obligated to pick it up?" They appear startled at first, and then a smile begins to cross their face. The illusion is lifted and they can "live in the moment" with the realization that they are not the reality that others have created for them. They do not HAVE to do anything and that is FREEING because they finally realize that what we focus on is a CHOICE. Choose to focus on the GOOD things as much as possible and good things will come to you. Example, loosing your house to foreclosure....freedom from your mortgage and the ability to move about the country freely! Losing your job, you get to start something new that may serve you better and that you truly enjoy. Live each day with purpose and conviction. Spirit wants you to be happy. Embrace today!