Friday, December 31, 2010

Living without Regrets

Most recently, I was speaking with a group of women who asked me what I thought that the single most important thing was that a person could consciously focus on doing so that they maintained happiness throughout their lives.  I had to think long and hard about this as there are so many answers to that question.  I came up with the answer that to "live with no regrets" is a very powerful way to live your life.  I am often speaking about the need for living with a sense of integrity in my office. If you are in a relationship and it is not serving your soul or your partner's soul, then in order to love without regret we need to be honest and have integrity in the way we conduct ourselves.  When we don't put in our best effort and pay attention to our children, spouse, significant other, etc.....we will ultimately regret our actions.   For example, when my nine year old daughter sometimes asks me to snuggle with her in bed before going to sleep, and after prayers, I make it a point to do so because one day she will be grown and gone and I want no regrets.  Have you ever noticed that we often treat strangers with more courtesy than we do our relatives.  Think about the outcome of your actions, and then ask yourself if you will regret it if you do or do not do what you are planning.  Life comes at you quickly, but if you make a mistake you can own up to it so as to live with no regret.  In 2011, let's all try to think through how much energy we are giving to our spirituality, then our family, and then to our work.  Balance is the key to unlocking the door to NO REGRETS.  I wish you a lifetime of thinking through what you really want to make you happy.  Karen

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dealing With Your Own Mortality

Many people ask me what it is like to speak or deal with the dead on a daily basis.  Communication with those who have passed is called Mediumship and it is a very specific skill that I believe can be taught.  The issue with speaking to those who have passed is tricky in that it brings up the issue of your own mortality.  We seem to be fine as long as death is happening to someone else.  We say things at funerals that sound like...."I am so glad that so and so passed as they were suffering."  Somewhere around the mid-point in your life you may experience the consequences of smoking, drinking, or eating in excess. Body parts start to fail, and you are forced to consider your own mortality.  It isn't a comfortable pondering, but I believe it is necessary for the soul's growth.  Without these "markers" to remind us of the sanctity of life, the blessing that is the ability to see another sunrise or sunset, we would take time for granted.  Savor the kiss of the one you love.  Listen carefully to your children.  Cherish your parents. Time waits for no man. Take stock of your life and change your attitude if need be.  Live fully.  Live honestly.  Happiness cannot reside where integrity ceases to exist.  Live in your truth.  Move forward and don't look back.  If you do these things you will invite contentment into your world.   Karen