Friday, September 16, 2011

Psychic Misconceptions - If you were psychic you would know....

Pam Coronado:
If you were psychic you would know my name. If I never hear this statement again, it will be too soon. I am not omniscient (having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things)nor is any human that I know. I might be able to "intuit" your name if I concentrate hard enough but why expend loads of energy when you can just tell me? This statement seems funny to skeptics but it stems from a lack of understanding how hard one has to work for accurate psychic information. 
Karen Hollis: 
There are many people that come for a reading who are not suitably "impressed" with your psychic ability unless you can intuit their name, and/or a name of a relative, or someone dear to them who has passed away. I call this "stump the psychic." They take off wedding rings, as if I will notice or not notice. (Trust me, a wedding ring no longer signifies commitment with all the infidelity in the world. Sad, but true) Some will lie about their names thinking I have "googled them" in advance - (like I have the time for this nonsense), and others will sit "stone cold-faced" thinking that if they show any emotion it will "tip me off" in some way. (NOPE - it doesn't work that way). Some of the best readings I have done are by phone with only your voice to energetically tap into. The best way to have a "psychic reading" is to just be yourself, relax, try to remain "open" energetically without telling the psychic your life story in advance. When reveal too much, you take away the ability of the psychic to know what is a "psychic hit" and what is not when reading your future. A psychic's conscious mind (what they know of what you have told them about yourself) will fight with the sub-conscious mind (what they are getting as a psychic "hit"). Be encouraging by admitting when a psychic is right about a detail in your life, and make the reading interactive so that you get the most out of it. 


  1. These are brilliant responses to important questions about how psychic phenomena "works".
    There are no simple answers and there are no simple Truths.

    I met Karen Hollis two years ago when I was assigned to interview her for a magazine article. I had no clue who she was, spent no time on her website as I don't like to get form impressions before I interview someone. Part of the interview involved experiencing Karen's Tarot skills. She tapped into information that I was not even consciously processing at the time I was sitting in her office. Translation: she got right into what was below conscious awareness but clearly of importance to me. It was a family matter, if you must know. I had hoped for some guidance about my career but there was this family thing-- staring at me from the Tarot Cards laid on the table. Karen was 100% accurate on who was involved and what a possible solution would be. Karen Hollis is the real deal.


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