Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remote Viewing ~ Sweat & Matt ~ Pitfalls

Remote Viewing is a psychic skill that is very specialized indeed. Not all psychics and mediums have the skill level or talent for remote viewing and it is associated with the talent of clairvoyance a.k.a. clear sight.  According to Wikipedia, remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind." I was trained in my twenties by a phenomenal psychic named Virginia Randolph on how to do remote viewing. She and I worked on many cases in the eighties and nineties having to do with missing objects and more importantly, missing persons. Remote viewing can be a powerful tool in helping to locate and solve cold cases as well. Virginia taught me that time is not linear as we know it. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and not the other way around. We can go back in time as easily as we can move forward in time. All we need to do is say "take me there, Spirit!" "Show me the detail," "Let me see it through their eyes." However, you must also recognize that it is possible to get turned around directionally in a remote view session. For me, it is like walking through a mirror (the proverbial "looking glass") and everything is turned around. North can appear to be South, and East can appear to be West. I can see the smallest detail if I look closely enough in my remote view, and yet be off because of distance or direction. I am working hard at correcting this issue within my own skill level. It will take time and dogged determination to succeed over many years no doubt.

I like to combine tarot cards with remote viewing to double check my understanding of what I have seen. Recently, I kept seeing a bright light overhead when I asked to literally see through the eyes of David Sweat and then respectively, Richard Matt. Two convicted murderers on the run in upstate NY. I kept hearing (clairaudience a.k.a. clear hearing) that they were "looking for the light." Well, that could mean in retrospect that they were watching above them for helicopters with night vision so that they would not get caught. Police thought that during the case there was a sighting of the two by train tracks. Were they looking out for the light on the front of the train so as not to get run over? I brought out the tarot cards to double check myself and got The Hermit card. The Hermit stands holding a lone lantern up in front of him. Yes, indeed they were looking for the LIGHT. But, which light? The helicopter? The Train? The Light of God? The North Star?

So, back to my remote view. I said, "Spirit, show me again through their eyes." Once again, I see (clairvoyantly) a long road with water to the left of me and a field to my right. I am looking for one single light! I am not sure which of the prisoners eyes I was using to see with, but I could clearly feel that if I could just see that light I would better be able to make good time on foot to Canada. I pulled a card from the tarot deck in the Tarot For Life Class on this subject and I then got the King Of Cups.
Single Light, and the King of Cups is SURROUNDED BY WATER. So, I deduce that the cards are pointing towards the light being a lighthouse! Makes logical sense that upstate NY is by water. Canada is the destination based on an earlier remote view indicating an Ottawa postage stamp on a letter in one of the prisoner's cells. Their are waterways that lead to Canada so the light must mean they are looking for a lighthouse! WRONG Drat! Drat! & Double Drat! Cards were indicating that Richard Matt had found liquor in one of the cabins and was DRINKING prior to him being caught and shot to death. King of Cups can also mean "THE DRINKER." These were two SEPARATE pieces of information in the remote view from Spirit. First piece of information: They were following train tracks that lead straight to Canada! The Hermit's Light was the Light on the FRONT OF THE TRAIN. Second Piece of information: King of Cups meant that alcohol was impairing Richard Matt's judgement on what direction to go as he was DRINKING to reduce his anxiety.

I kept seeing and sensing a wood exterior as a place of shelter. Came across in the remote view as a "tee pee style lean too." Felt wood all around me. Turns out that the prisoners had broken into a hunting cabin with steep roof lines to keep the snow off it. Remote viewing is difficult in that it is hard to distinguish between wood, metal, and especially plastic. Direction of TICONDEROGA the Fort came in that it is the same longitude and latitude as where both prisoners were eventually caught and shot. The Ticonderoga area was too far North from the Franklin county line as it turns out. The Fort that I thought I saw in the remote view was Fort Covington and NOT Fort Ticonderoga. Directionally challenged as a part of the viewing.

So, I wanted to share with all of you how a remote viewing can appear to be one way but be askew enough that if you let your analytical mind run all the information together you will be "dead wrong," no pun intended. It is best to go back and ask Spirit AGAIN to "take you there in your mind's eye." View it until you KNOW IT deep in your soul that you are right about what you are perceiving.
So thankful that the nightmare has ended for the residents of upstate NY!

~In the Light~ Karen

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Does ~ "In The Light" Really Mean?

Many of you know that I recently lost a very dear friend and mentor of mine, Mrs. Randolph. For over thirty plus years she was my sounding board for how to handle tough situations, and was my Spiritual rock when I wondered if I could handle the daily work of developing mediumship.

 When I had to make a decision between corporate job and doing private readings, she made my choice clear by stating: "Are you going to walk your talk or not? Straight talker Mrs. Randolph. No baloney as they say. One piece of advice that she gave me stuck to me like glue. Mind your own business. Speak well of others. Don't join permanent groups or circles as they are just ways to get hurt emotionally, and BEWARE  of the "NEWLY SPIRITUAL."

Now some of you might ask, what does that mean? The NEWLY SPIRITUAL folks are the ones that say things that are "dripping with sarcasm" and then say "In Love and Light….so and so" These are the folks that go out of their way to let you know that they are well NEWLY SPIRITUAL! It is a little like being a Southerner and gossiping about someone and then throwing in the phrase "BLESS THEIR HEART." I say be what you are…..if you are going to go out of your way to be nasty to someone why hide behind words that would indicate you are anything but Spiritual.

James Van Praagh once taught me that "What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business." Wise words from a wise man! Simon James, who is one of the most wonderful teachers of mediumship that I have ever had the privilege of working with, stood in front of students and said if you have an Ego "check it at the door" because if you do not, I will check it for you!
 He also taught me: Karen, "YOU work for the dead people, not the live people. Remember that!"
 Yes, James, I certainly will!

Mrs. Randolph told me that in my lifetime I would be called all manner of names out of ignorance. She was right. I have been called names that I could never have imagined. I don't care. I know who I work for. God, Source, Spirit. I know what "In the Light" really means. I mind my business. I speak well of others or I say nothing at all.

If you have been attacked, persecuted, alienated, accused, berated, or demeaned just remember you are not alone. Spirit knows who is "In the Light" and who is not. "Spirit knows the Truth." Walking with "loving intention" means just that. You demonstrate LOVE through your actions and your words.
I guess I have gotten pretty good at recognizing who the Newly Spiritual are…. HAVE YOU?

Truly, ~ In the Light~ Karen

Friday, August 29, 2014

Time ~ How Precious It Is…...

In the blink of an eye, we are twenty, thirty, forty, and then fifty, and some of us sixty and beyond years old! Time flies whether we use it wisely or we squander it in a corporate cubicle trying to pay our bills and be responsible adults. If that sounds cynical I suppose it is because I hear the dreams of folks everyday who sit at my reading table and say things like; I always wanted to learn to surf board, or wind sail, or fly an airplane, play the piano, hang glide, etc…

What stops us is FEAR. Fear that we will not be seen by others as successful. Judged by society as "lesser than" normal, whatever that means! As a whole we are afraid to really live our lives. It is too dangerous, too risky, too far from our families, too (insert fear here.) This phenomena of no risk taking takes on historic proportions in CT known as the "land of steady habits." Most people emigrated to New England and huddled together and never left. By talking to as many folks as I do, you would think that there was invisible fencing around New England and that if you went past New York City to the West of us you would get zapped. Grown adults tell me that "oh no, I could never leave here because my family would never speak with me again if I did." This is no laughing matter. These people are tortured by wanting to LIVE their lives and not the lives that their parents and siblings want them to live and they feel so obligated that they are stuck and miserable.

The karmic life pattern/lesson appears to be that LOVE is not  CONTROL and the time is PRECIOUS here on earth. If you feel the need to live close to your family then do so, but if a time comes when you are not getting back the love and support that you are giving, and you are miserable it is time to MOVE. Moving can take the form of around the corner, block, out of state, or the country. The key is that you cannot run away from yourself. If the problem of boundaries, and keeping healthy emotional boundaries in your life with people is a problem then wherever you go you will have the same problem.

All decisions are made out of FEAR or LOVE. Do not be so afraid to die that you forget to LIVE. Take that dance class, go on that date, sell that house and move, go back to school, take up the piano, tap dance, learn how to sail, write the book, go to Europe on the airplane. Move away from the town you grew up in…it will still exist on the map and you can always go back if you want to.

Time is Precious….. Don't waste it!

~ In the Light ~ Karen

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Self-Sabotage at The Holidays & How to Avoid it

     It is at this time of the year, the Solstice (the shortest day & the darkest night), that many people take a long hard look at their childhood and their family dynamics and begin to self-talk about the negative and the past. I wish that I had a "magic eraser" or a device like the one in the movie "Men in Black" that could make all recollection of the past disappear for them. The truth is that there are no perfect childhoods, and no perfect families. Trust me on this concept, I have a "bird's eye view" from my reading table.

     Consider this, we remember our childhood through an "imperfect lens" called adulthood. If our childhood was perceived as "very good" it was because we had no responsibilities per say. If you think about it carefully, you will recall no mortgage that you had to pay or rent for that matter. You really had no pressing responsibilities. Your parents carried the burden of these things for you and created a "perfect bubble" to grow up in. So, if your childhood seemed easy, it was!!!

     If you had a less fortunate circumstance that you grew up in, say you only had one parent or lived in poverty, you may see the world through that microcosm which is not the macrocosm. By this I mean that you may see the world as a hard place to navigate based upon your experience during your childhood. Your childhood is the only reference point that you have to go on when making this deduction. But is your childhood the reality of the world as a whole? If perception is reality, then you believe that your perception is correct. But is it really?

     I have been graced with a larger perspective of the human condition based on my being able to step back while doing "the readings" to really "see" what the truth is about people's lives. People aren't perfect, families aren't perfect, and life is imperfect. Self-sabotage comes from a place of ego based reality. We get in our heads about what people must think about us. We don't like the way we look let's say….too fat or too thin. Too short or too tall. Teeth not white enough, hair too thin. You get my drift. Again, we are "in the forest" and cannot see through the trees. Even I, as psychic as I am, have made BIG MISTAKES in my life. (Just ask my mother…LOL) Why? Mostly because I trusted my limited perception as my reality.

If you find yourself isolating, and judging yourself harshly, remember that people really only care about what affects them. Trust me, they are not thinking about the 10-20lbs you have on your hips…they are thinking about their hips and their weight!  I call this the "Look at me now" syndrome. Lucky for us all that people are universally self-consumed.

Go easy on yourself this holiday season. It is all perpetuated by consumerism at this juncture. Reach out to someone less fortunate than yourself. You don't have to give a gift of anything more than your time and your company. Loneliness in America runs rampant. When we give of ourselves to others, we forget about our own troubles.

I wish for all of you PEACE ~ Inner Peace~ this holiday season.

In the Light ~ Karen

Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking Time for Reflection

How many of you feel that you have little or no time to reflect on anything or anyone on any given day?

Our society is in "fast forward" mode, and we have lost site of what the entire purpose of living is meant to be about. If you ask yourself how you define success, you might find that your daily activities are not lining up with what you value. I recently spoke with a man who had achieved great financial success, but had a nagging sense of unhappiness that he could not isolate the reason for on his own. This man owned and rented out many homes, timeshares, etc...was self-employed, had grown and successful children, and a long standing marriage. On the surface, all should have been "sweetness & light"based on these these measurements of success.

I asked the Tarot for wisdom on the source of his unhappiness, and it answered with the five of cups.
This card can be interpreted as having regrets. So I asked this man what he regretted most. He told me that although he had achieved material success, he wanted to feel that when he died he would be remembered as a good father and husband. So, I asked him why he felt that this might not be the case as all indicators of success were in his life. He told me that he had missed the point of having children. He had never taken the time for a family vacation to make memories that would sustain him as he aged. He couldn't think of one baseball game that he had attended with his son. If it weren't for his wife's insistence, he might have missed his daughter's high school graduation. His sole focus was on providing for his family, but he had forgotten to provide "emotional support" for them as well. Although married on paper, he was not "married in his heart." His wife "did her own thing." His children now focused solely on material success, and had no time for "dear old dad." After all, he had taught them well......Children learn from watching what you do, and not on what you say!

We spoke about many things during his reading, but the most important thing that came out of his reading was that he decided to sell most of his properties and focus on his marriage and on his grandchildren. This man realized that all the material wealth in the world could not make up for taking the time, which was now so precious to him, to reflect and rebuild relationships that he had left to languish. 
  • If you are experiencing a lack of happiness, ask yourself what legacy you want to leave in this world?
  • Were you a good friend, partner, father, mother, son or daughter?
  • Have you achieved some small success by singing, dancing, or whatever your passion?
  • Are there places in the world that you would like to travel to see?
  • What is on your "bucket list" that you need to act on now?
The time to enjoy is now! Be present in the moment! Be happy with what you have, and not unhappy because you do not have! Let go of regret, and replace with gratitude. This is the day that the creator has made, rejoice and be glad.....

~In the Light......Karen

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mom or Dad Loved You Best & Other Family Dynamics

A chapter in the book that I am currently finishing writing deals with the emotions surrounding inheritance struggles, and other dysfunctional family dynamics that affect more of the population than you can imagine. As the economy has become more challenging, and the "boomer" generation has aged. I have had a steady stream of clients into my office who are questioning their parent's love for them based on what is left materially for them after a parent passes on.

In families of two children or more, there often is at least one child who has taken it upon himself to either become a drug addict, thief, or someone who just doesn't ever seem to "grow up" and take on responsibility. I know that sounds drastic and harsh, but it is true. The other child/children in the family end up taking care of the aging parent until their death and then the squabbling begins. At the root of all of this controversy is "who mom/dad loved best." This is often determined by how money was given in times of struggle while the parent was alive, and how the final division was executed after the parent's demise.
I have seen wills that have been changed to exclude siblings an hour before the person died. I have heard about houses that have been emptied and the contents sold before the probate court has had the opportunity to disperse and execute the signed WILL. (Against the the way) Step-parents who have excluded biological children because they did not "welcome" them when they started dating the now deceased bio-mom/dad. Parents who intentionally excluded children from their wills who did not do "exactly what they were told to do" for a career, or who married someone of a different nationality or faith than the parent wanted. I have seen a sibling leverage other siblings and have them sign over property, worth at least a million dollars, by threatening to "not take care of their mother." By the way, this person was the only one with the financial means to take care of mom. No surprise that she got away with it.

YES, this does go on in your town every day!

If you or your siblings are in an unhealthy family dynamic, I would urge you to really think through how you want to handle yourself during these times of stress. You will not change your parents, and you will not change your siblings. You can, however, absent yourself from this ridiculousness and chalk it up to greed, sloth, and envy. Remember, money and notoriety makes people crazy. Nobody earns an inheritance! Money does not equal love. It may signal "control issues," but it is not love.
My advice based on the years of watching these family dynamics play out is to "walk away" emotionally, protect yourself legally, and pray that in your "heart of hearts" that you will have conducted yourself in a manner that is without regret. I will leave you with this quote below to ponder on this subject. ~ Blessings, Karen

“People die all the time. Life is a lot more fragile than we think. So you should treat others in a way that leaves no regrets. Fairly, and if possible, sincerely. It's too easy not to make the effort, then weep and wring your hands after the person dies.” 
― Haruki MurakamiDance Dance Dance

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When you are torn between two of something

Many of my clients come to my office because the men/women that they chose in their youth are not the people that they would choose again as they have aged. Inevitably, they meet another person that makes them feel that "spinning around and in love feeling" that characterizes a new relationship. To complicate matters, they also have children who are pre-adolescents or teenagers. Their spouse has gained weight, lost their hair, their job, and their libido sometimes due to health issues. I empathize with these folks on many different levels. We are all human and as such we fail as we age. We are spiritual, and we sometimes fail in making good spiritual choices for ourselves. One thing that is always brought up when I suggest that love is not leaving when the "going gets tough" is the question: "Don't I deserve to be happy?"Here is a news flash ~ "anyone that you are paying bills and raising children with" will be boring compared to a romantic getaway with a new partner!

In this ME society, we have ceased to focus on the WE that is required as a part of any commitment that we make to another human being. Now, if your partner is a selfish person and completely devoid of wanting to go to therapy to discuss changes. You are in the relationship by yourself! You are either making it better or "rowing the boat alone" as it were. Since a relationship requires two people, you might as well leave and GET HAPPY. However, if you haven't opened your mouth to discuss what is wrong honestly and openly thereby giving your partner the opportunity to change, and you just want to bolt out of the relationship ~ think twice! How would you respond if this were done to you?

Slow down, think twice, finish what you start, and then move on if necessary....

In love & light,