Friday, August 29, 2014

Time ~ How Precious It Is…...

In the blink of an eye, we are twenty, thirty, forty, and then fifty, and some of us sixty and beyond years old! Time flies whether we use it wisely or we squander it in a corporate cubicle trying to pay our bills and be responsible adults. If that sounds cynical I suppose it is because I hear the dreams of folks everyday who sit at my reading table and say things like; I always wanted to learn to surf board, or wind sail, or fly an airplane, play the piano, hang glide, etc…

What stops us is FEAR. Fear that we will not be seen by others as successful. Judged by society as "lesser than" normal, whatever that means! As a whole we are afraid to really live our lives. It is too dangerous, too risky, too far from our families, too (insert fear here.) This phenomena of no risk taking takes on historic proportions in CT known as the "land of steady habits." Most people emigrated to New England and huddled together and never left. By talking to as many folks as I do, you would think that there was invisible fencing around New England and that if you went past New York City to the West of us you would get zapped. Grown adults tell me that "oh no, I could never leave here because my family would never speak with me again if I did." This is no laughing matter. These people are tortured by wanting to LIVE their lives and not the lives that their parents and siblings want them to live and they feel so obligated that they are stuck and miserable.

The karmic life pattern/lesson appears to be that LOVE is not  CONTROL and the time is PRECIOUS here on earth. If you feel the need to live close to your family then do so, but if a time comes when you are not getting back the love and support that you are giving, and you are miserable it is time to MOVE. Moving can take the form of around the corner, block, out of state, or the country. The key is that you cannot run away from yourself. If the problem of boundaries, and keeping healthy emotional boundaries in your life with people is a problem then wherever you go you will have the same problem.

All decisions are made out of FEAR or LOVE. Do not be so afraid to die that you forget to LIVE. Take that dance class, go on that date, sell that house and move, go back to school, take up the piano, tap dance, learn how to sail, write the book, go to Europe on the airplane. Move away from the town you grew up in…it will still exist on the map and you can always go back if you want to.

Time is Precious….. Don't waste it!

~ In the Light ~ Karen