Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do you create a happier PAST?

I talk to people every day that live with regrets of one sort or another. Many say things like; " I should have married my high school sweetheart, or I wish I had not married right away." "I should have traveled the world and not had children, or I should have had a child and not been a workaholic. " "I wish I had a better relationship with my mother, or father, and now that I have grown up and can have an adult relationship with them, my parents have passed on." The list of regrets seems endless. If life is a journey, and not a destination then why do we run headlong thru our lives without giving proper consideration to BIG life decisions like marriage, children, travel, & the soul's aspirations?  I think it is our EGO that prevents us from allowing us to explore who we are when we are young. We think that we HAVE to HAVE the big home, and the new car, and we actually put more "stock" into what others think about us than about who we really are inside, and who we would like to become later in life so we have no regrets. I have asked people in my reading room what they would like their legacy to be at the end of their lives. Many have no idea what I am talking about, or why I am asking the question. I am asking them because it is mighty hard to create a happier PAST. Once time has "marched on," there are no "do overs." Time is precious. Savor every moment of happiness. My advice as a psychic is to celebrate, whenever and wherever you can, the little and the big things in life that are happy. Weddings, babies, birthdays, picnics, vacations, children, parents, grandparents, all close friendships. No regrets. No should have done it better, differently, etc... Start living. Stop regretting. Start committing to love, to God/Goddess/Spirit/Universe, to family, to yourself. Live in the moment. This is the day that you have been given. Find one happy thing to rejoice in. Karen

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ghost Hunting - Why it fascinates us!

It will soon be autumn and with that comes the "Day of the Dead" - Samhain - All Hallows Eve. Call it what you wish, we celebrate the harvest and give thanks for life as well as death as the seasons turn. Recently, I joined an official ghost hunting paranormal team named Ghosts of New England Research Society or G.O.N.E.R.S for short. I had been investigating hauntings solo for years at the request of nervous real estate agents, private home owners, and business owners who had unexplained phenomena spooking them. No cameras, no EVP evidence, just me and my intuitive/mediumship/clairaudience ability to guide me. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally be with others of like mind that are too looking for hard evidence of what may be "out there - on the other side." Given that we are all human, it is natural for us to want to believe that we all will somehow survive beyond the physical body someday. Recently, Raymond Moody wrote a new book entitled Glimpses of Eternity  and it is fascinating reading. Whether you are spooked by what goes bump in the night, or just like to feel an adrenaline rush when you think you feel something brush past you in the dark, you have to admit it is an interesting topic. Tell me your ghost story? Share it here on my blog? Karen