Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remote Viewing ~ Sweat & Matt ~ Pitfalls

Remote Viewing is a psychic skill that is very specialized indeed. Not all psychics and mediums have the skill level or talent for remote viewing and it is associated with the talent of clairvoyance a.k.a. clear sight.  According to Wikipedia, remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind." I was trained in my twenties by a phenomenal psychic named Virginia Randolph on how to do remote viewing. She and I worked on many cases in the eighties and nineties having to do with missing objects and more importantly, missing persons. Remote viewing can be a powerful tool in helping to locate and solve cold cases as well. Virginia taught me that time is not linear as we know it. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and not the other way around. We can go back in time as easily as we can move forward in time. All we need to do is say "take me there, Spirit!" "Show me the detail," "Let me see it through their eyes." However, you must also recognize that it is possible to get turned around directionally in a remote view session. For me, it is like walking through a mirror (the proverbial "looking glass") and everything is turned around. North can appear to be South, and East can appear to be West. I can see the smallest detail if I look closely enough in my remote view, and yet be off because of distance or direction. I am working hard at correcting this issue within my own skill level. It will take time and dogged determination to succeed over many years no doubt.

I like to combine tarot cards with remote viewing to double check my understanding of what I have seen. Recently, I kept seeing a bright light overhead when I asked to literally see through the eyes of David Sweat and then respectively, Richard Matt. Two convicted murderers on the run in upstate NY. I kept hearing (clairaudience a.k.a. clear hearing) that they were "looking for the light." Well, that could mean in retrospect that they were watching above them for helicopters with night vision so that they would not get caught. Police thought that during the case there was a sighting of the two by train tracks. Were they looking out for the light on the front of the train so as not to get run over? I brought out the tarot cards to double check myself and got The Hermit card. The Hermit stands holding a lone lantern up in front of him. Yes, indeed they were looking for the LIGHT. But, which light? The helicopter? The Train? The Light of God? The North Star?

So, back to my remote view. I said, "Spirit, show me again through their eyes." Once again, I see (clairvoyantly) a long road with water to the left of me and a field to my right. I am looking for one single light! I am not sure which of the prisoners eyes I was using to see with, but I could clearly feel that if I could just see that light I would better be able to make good time on foot to Canada. I pulled a card from the tarot deck in the Tarot For Life Class on this subject and I then got the King Of Cups.
Single Light, and the King of Cups is SURROUNDED BY WATER. So, I deduce that the cards are pointing towards the light being a lighthouse! Makes logical sense that upstate NY is by water. Canada is the destination based on an earlier remote view indicating an Ottawa postage stamp on a letter in one of the prisoner's cells. Their are waterways that lead to Canada so the light must mean they are looking for a lighthouse! WRONG Drat! Drat! & Double Drat! Cards were indicating that Richard Matt had found liquor in one of the cabins and was DRINKING prior to him being caught and shot to death. King of Cups can also mean "THE DRINKER." These were two SEPARATE pieces of information in the remote view from Spirit. First piece of information: They were following train tracks that lead straight to Canada! The Hermit's Light was the Light on the FRONT OF THE TRAIN. Second Piece of information: King of Cups meant that alcohol was impairing Richard Matt's judgement on what direction to go as he was DRINKING to reduce his anxiety.

I kept seeing and sensing a wood exterior as a place of shelter. Came across in the remote view as a "tee pee style lean too." Felt wood all around me. Turns out that the prisoners had broken into a hunting cabin with steep roof lines to keep the snow off it. Remote viewing is difficult in that it is hard to distinguish between wood, metal, and especially plastic. Direction of TICONDEROGA the Fort came in that it is the same longitude and latitude as where both prisoners were eventually caught and shot. The Ticonderoga area was too far North from the Franklin county line as it turns out. The Fort that I thought I saw in the remote view was Fort Covington and NOT Fort Ticonderoga. Directionally challenged as a part of the viewing.

So, I wanted to share with all of you how a remote viewing can appear to be one way but be askew enough that if you let your analytical mind run all the information together you will be "dead wrong," no pun intended. It is best to go back and ask Spirit AGAIN to "take you there in your mind's eye." View it until you KNOW IT deep in your soul that you are right about what you are perceiving.
So thankful that the nightmare has ended for the residents of upstate NY!

~In the Light~ Karen