Sunday, June 19, 2016

Messages From Loved Ones & Grieving and Timing

It is normal when a beloved family member or friend passes away to go into a state of shock when receiving the news of their death and immediately want to know if they are o.k. The grief can be excruciating if the person was connected to us by love. For many, what we thought we knew about life after death is filtered through the lens of our religious upbringing or the lack of that religious bent in our lives. Some people believe in an afterlife, and others feel that when we die it is over. Whatever you believe becomes your reality when faced with death. But what if love was the "bridge" between the two realities? What if the energy that is our Spirit simply crosses into a new reality that is similar, yet different than what we experience here in the physical? How soon should we seek contact with the dead? Sometimes too soon will leave us in deeper despair because the message we desperately want to hear either does not come because the Spirit world feels that it would plunge us deeper into despair, or the dead also need time to heal and process from their arduous transition.

It is said that there are many stages to the grieving process and as a Psychic/Medium I have often counseled people in a spiritual way that it is not that the dead don't want to connect with the living, it is that the living are in shock about the dead and are not ready to process the messages that are given.
We want to pick up the phone and call our loved one "direct" and have a chat with them as if they are still alive. Unfortunately, communication with the dead is based on symbolism and energy thought transference between the deceased and the Medium. A Medium sits between two worlds energetically. They are the "bridge," if you will, between two realities. One made up of the physical and the other made up of pure energy. Television mediumship has been edited to only show the "amazing" messages that come through from the Medium to the audience. Good mediumship is like mixing the perfect cocktail. It is one part love, one part talent, one part good interpretation, and a damn good energetic connection. The most important part of receiving a good message is to be open to all of the information that comes, and to all the communicators that come.

Many times, the first Spirit to come through is one that is energetically a good match with the Medium and may not be the person that you wanted to hear from like your mom, or your dad.  By this I mean that the Spirit communicator who comes can link and blend well with the Medium energetically. Knowing that you have a dead person wanting to communicate with you is akin to feeling someone walk into your personal space but you just cannot see them. A Spirit can only use the "vocabulary" that the Medium recognizes to communicate. I am clairaudient, which means that I can hear Spirit the same way I can hear a live person. I am clairvoyant, and that means that Spirit can show me photos in my mind and other objects to relay a message. I can also feel Spirit, so they can overlay their physical ailments to let me know how they died or what they died or suffered from. I always say it is through the GRACE of God that I am able to get messages from the dead to the living. Mediumship takes years of dedication to develop and requires a blind faith on the part of the Medium that LOVE conquers the divide that death creates.

If you are grieving, you are not "tracking" and are often in a "fog" due to the shock and emotional process of letting go. You may to hear that your loved one is "happy" now that they have "crossed over," but the truth is that I can only tell you what I am being told ethically. Sometimes that message is "I am o.k. and you too will be o.k." This is especially true with suicides. So, try to keep an OPEN MIND when hearing messages and don't demand to hear only what you want to hear. We tend to have a pre-planned conversation that we would love to hear from the Medium in our heads and we miss the wonderful messages of love and memories in the process.

Love is the bridge that unites and connects us in life, and so it is in death. Honor what messages you get from your loved ones in Spirit and try to let go of the Medium didn't acknowledge your mom's photo in the left front pocket of your jeans! Mediumship is not a "circus act"or a performance that is rated like the Olympics, it is a sacred communication sanctioned by Source/God/The Divine and needs to be treated with that same respect. If you seek Mediumship, do so with love as your only expectation. ~ In the Light~ Karen