Thursday, October 6, 2011

When situations change.....and affected outcomes

Question from a client: Do situations sometimes occur that change a previous reading and recommendations and potential outcomes from months before?
Answer: When a client comes in for a reading, and a psychic accesses the future, what they are "seeing" are events that are in motion based on decisions that have already been made by that person. If two people are involved in a relationship, for example, both of those people have "free will" to change their destiny at any time. If the reading is about your work, and your company decides to move its home office, suddenly, is it possible that the outcome the psychic predicted could be off? Yes, if that decision was not "in motion" in the ethers at the time of the reading it is possible.  All this being said, the value in a good reading is that it gives you the knowledge and latitude to make good decisions in your life if situations do change that have not been predicted exactly as you had been told they might unfold in your life. Karen

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