Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psychic Misconceptions by Pam Coronado revisited by Karen Hollis

I wanted to applaud Pam Coronado for writing a series of Questions and then responding with answers that helped to clarify for my clients as well as hers what a psychic is and is not. I will Blog post a few of these in the next few days.
Thank you, Pam!
A real psychic would know all of the answers. I think this widespread misconception has been passed down through the ages by fortune tellers and psychics claiming to be perfect.  If you meet one of these, run and don't look back.  No psychic is 100%.  There is simply no such creature.  I get fragments of the story, blurry images and puzzle pieces.  I may misinterpret something I saw or worse, miss something important. I get some answers, rarely all of the answers.  We are humans, I think the biggest aspect of living on this great planet is in the not knowing all of the answers.  There would be no challenge, surprises or mystery if we knew all.
Karen Hollis' comment: This is especially true when dealing with people's relationships issues as both people have FREE WILL to do what they want whether that is engage in leaving the relationship or choosing to stay in the relationship. A psychic can only see as far as a person has made a decision. Think of it as a snapshot in time if you will. If nothing changes, then "this event, meeting, reconciliation, breakup, or whatever" will happen. 

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