Friday, October 22, 2010

The secret to life is letting go

Every now and then I get someone that I am reading for that tells me that "Life is not fair" and I have to reflect on that statement for awhile.  Some people are lucky with finances, and some are lucky in love, and then there are those individuals who just seem to get the short end of the Karmic stick as it were.  It really does make a professional intuitive sit back and think.....why?

Only the universe knows why bad things happen to seemingly good people.  My response has always been to have empathy and to try to provide answers as to why these things have happened to them.  We seem to be plagued with needing to know why something has happened.  I am proposing that we let go of the why and embrace the now so that we can fully live in the present before it becomes the past.  Whew!  There was a mouthful of philosophy.  But truly, letting go is the answer isn't it?  Think about it.  We cannot change the past.  We can only live in the NOW and do our best in the future.  Try it.  It will lead to more happiness.  Blessings, Karen

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