Monday, October 25, 2010

Is everyone psychic or are some people born psychic? a "Gift"?

I am often asked if I knew that I had "the gift" at a young age.  I always chuckle to myself when people call it "the gift."  I am not sure where the phrase came from, but I sure can't see what's coming for myself so it isn't the "gift" that keeps giving to me! HA!  In any case, my thoughts are that all people are intuitive to a degree.  Just like some people play sports better, due to a natural talent, I believe that some people are born with a little more propensity to be intuitive.  I happen to believe that being psychic can be taught.  In fact I know it can be taught!  I teach it.  I see people every day who have some talent and then develop what they have until it suits them and their need to know.  If you think with your conscious mind all of the time and base your decisions on your head, instead of your gut, then you will not develop your intuition.   We get into trouble when we only make decisions with our heart, or with our head. However, if you trust your instincts and listen with your heart, while using your will not be lead astray.  Developing intuition/psychic ability is possible with practice.  It isn't hard, just try practicing every day.  Blessings, Karen

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