Sunday, November 7, 2010

Famous Clients

Recently, I had a famous person visit my office suite for a reading.  No, I'm not at liberty to say who it was...but, I did want to comment that the more that I read for people the more I notice that all lives are the same no matter how famous.   Some people have money challenges, and some with money have relationship challenges.  Others who don't have relationship challenges have health issues.  It seems that we are all challenged according to our own soul's need for growth.  Life isn't fair my mother used to say.  I think that it matters how we meet our individual challenges.  For instance, we can say we are poor but if we have love of family are we really poor?  We can say that relationships have ruined our lives, but then we look at our children who are a result of the relationship and aren't they a blessing?  I have people that come for readings all the time that are really hurting, and sometimes it is just a matter of perspective on the issue.  Next time you are really upset, ask yourself, is it worth the upset?  Will being upset change anything?  Then, say the words CANCEL right out loud when you know you need to change your attitude.  Famous or not, we are all the same.  Namaste.  Karen

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