Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Managing Expectations & Perspective

When we expect people to do or act a certain way and they do not, who is at fault? Really, this is not a trick question.  Who is at fault?  I would argue that when we expect something that is truly not in our control it is our expectation that is to blame.  We can only control how we act or react to what others say and/or in fact do.  I often see that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to keeping expectations in perspective.  The Holidays are around the corner and already my phone is exploding with calls from folks who dread spending time with relatives.  Spirit will often suggest that in karmic family relationships it is often a test to see if we can maintain boundaries, and stay non-judgmental. This holiday season you may want to try to remove yourself emotionally from highly charged family gatherings and maintain perspective.  Be there in body, (the physical), without being there in spirit, (emotionally).  Keep the visits short and sweet.  Stay away from having expectations that family dynamics will miraculously change for the better.  Your family gathering does not have to resemble a Norman Rockwell painting to be successful.  Refuse to be baited into family dramas.  Politely leave if you feel an argument brewing.  Thank your hostess, and don't do or say anything you are likely to regret.  Remember, when we cut people out of our lives it is we that suffer most.  Don't be that person!  Expectations and Perspective.  Blessings, Karen

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