Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mediumship - The "Red Phone" to the "Other Side"

Many people ask me to do mediumship as a part of their reading.  Let's face it, everyone has lost someone that they dearly love, to death, and they miss having conversations with them.  The problem is that I often don't have the "red phone" to the other side.  By the "red phone" I mean that I cannot just suddenly ask to speak with someone and get an immediate answer from that person who has died.  If you think of it this way it will help....Say you called your mother on the telephone and she was in the shower and couldn't speak with you at that very moment.  You would certainly understand as she was not expecting your call, and you would call back later or leave a message.  Right?  O.k. - so, why is it any different with people who are dead.  If the dead live on, then wouldn't it make sense that they might be busy right when you are asking for them to speak with you through a psychic/medium?  Lots of folks think that Grandma and Grandpa are just hanging around them and waiting anxiously for a chance to come through and give a message.  It is not like that!  People are the same as when they were alive.  They don't get "better" after death, or more available, or more patient.  People are people, dead or alive.  It is best to make an appointment with them by speaking to them, out loud, a few days in advance of getting a mediumship reading.  Let them know that if it is possible you would like to receive a message from them.  The dead will communicate telepathically with the living.  They will show a favorite flower, or indicate an anniversary date or Birthday date.  Many will use a favorite joke as a way to connect.  Some have mentioned notes in their casket from family that they know the contents of and refer to.  Favorite songs, pets, etc...are ways that they reach out to the living.  Make appointments, remember them on special days, and know that they live on a different plane of existence. Anyone who claims to have the "red phone" to the other side is kidding themselves. The dead communicate only through the grace of God.  It is true that love never dies.....Blessings, Karen

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