Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding the time for Spiritual Awareness

Have you ever sat in a class on spirituality that you were really enjoying and, I need to do this more often?  Or, been at a retreat and enjoyed the quiet time away from significant others and children and thought.....need to do more of this?  Me too!  It isn't always easy finding the time for Spirit to speak with us, or for us to pray to whatever deity we find solace in.  Try to find the time to nurture the spiritual in your home.  Turn off the television, put down the ipod, cellphone, facebook page, etc....and spend five minutes just being still.  You will find this is very difficult at first, but incredibly rewarding.  The chatter that substitutes for actual thought is not real and rewarding.  Sometimes, doing nothing is doing something. Repeat after deserve down time.  It is o.k.  Namaste.....Karen

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