Monday, January 3, 2011

Why a psychic reading is such a powerful lifetime tool

There are lots of misconceptions about having psychic readings.  Some people believe that tapping into information about upcoming future events somehow changes your "destiny."  This is not so.  It is true that some events are destined to happen to an individual for their higher good, but reading does not change the future unless you make better choices for your future and you change it through your choices.  Think of it this way, if you could avoid issues that are problematic would you not want to know about them to make better decisions?  What about happy times?  Births in the family? Weddings?  Need to make an important decision and there are two different ways to decide?  Making the right decision can make all the difference!  Dating someone and want to know about the real person's motivations and what they value?  The cards never lie!  Readings confirm that which you may already know, they can heal by giving answers about past events/relationships, and they can predict good things coming.  Everyone needs a little hope, and the cards provide a vehicle for speaking with those who have passed on which can sometimes provide healing.

These ancient tools speak of what the church used to call the seven deadly sins; sloth -(laziness), envy, lust, greed, pride, anger, and acedia  as defined as (listlessness, or not caring what happens.)  If you think about how many marriages are ended due to pride, and or lust for another, or anger, the divorce rates are staggering.  Greed is ruining families, and the envy for what other have creates an environment where few place their priorities in the spiritual and with those that they love.  Evil walks the earth in many forms.  It is up to us to choose what we value and to keep ourselves in check so that we have no regrets.  A good psychic is like a good doctor, or other professional who helps you to keep perspective in your life.  I tell my clients that it is not my job to sugar coat the truth about what they are going through, but I do have boundless compassion for the human condition because I live it everyday.  I know the readings are powerful, and I believe it is my soul's purpose to witness and/or watch the daily struggle toward enlightenment.  Angels come in many forms.  Harness the power of a good intuitive reading.  You will be glad you did.  Karen


  1. I am so glad i met you! You have enhanced my life by giving me great insight. Your readings are dead on accurate! I think you are awesome and you better not leave connecticut!

  2. Dear fhinze,
    Thank you for such a wonderful comment about my work! My clients are my life's work. Not leaving CT anytime soon. Love New England! Take Care, and come see me when you can. Karen

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