Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When Readings Don't Reveal All


I had a very good client of mine come in for a reading about her life and someone dear to her in her life that was experiencing addictive behaviors. Naturally, she loves him and needed to know if this nightmare of addiction was getting progressively better. Many of you know that I prefer to use the Mary Hanson-Roberts Deck because it has within it a "To All Believers" card that most traditional Tarot decks do not have. The "To All Believers" card is the card that says: STOP! You are not God, and you are not meant to know everything that there is to know at this time.

How maddening for someone like myself who likes to pride themselves on knowing most of the time what is to come!

Yes, it is true. I have been humbled once again by the power of the unknowable. The cards indicated that the person was running away emotionally by revealing the eight of cups. No kidding, I replied in my conscious mind, but TELL ME if he is getting better. The "To All Believers" card came up again. Why can't I know was my sub-conscious reply? The Judgement card appeared. I won't judge him, if that is the Karmic path, just tell me so that I can direct my client I answered obstinately. The Sun card emerged. I erred on the side of optimism given the absence of the Devil card or the five of cups which would indicate hidden addictions. I think he is going to be o.k. - came out of my mouth. I believe it will be better.

Long story short, I was wrong. True, it was not pretty. WRONG. Gosh how it hurts to say those words. The young man relapsed that very night. So, why did the Sun Card emerge to give her hope and optimism when this event was going to take place. I forced the cards to give me an answer that I wanted to hear. When the "To All Believers" card emerged 2X I couldn't bear not knowing and I "pushed the Universe." So, it lead me to believe that all would be well in the end. That may be so, but for today it is not and it always hurts to make a mistake. The lesson in all this is for us to remember that it is ALWAYS going to be O.K. eventually! I truly believe that this strong individual has a great chance at kicking this habit, but it is true that it is up to him, not his wife, not a psychic, nobody but his free will choice can save him from his future. He may have been deciding at the very moment that I asked the question to relapse that evening. His FREE WILL may have been hiding the truth. I have had this happen when I tap into a person's energy and they show up as either the Queen of Swords or the King of Swords to the High Priestess (me). Essentially, what that means is STAY OUT of my energy. Sometimes I honor that choice, but when I don't honor the "stay out" in the name of KNOWING out of someone else's love for that person, I can be wrong.

From now on......if the card of "you are not meant to know" is shown I will obediently answer, humbly,  I don't know.

Humans, even psychic humans, are fallible.  Namaste ~ Karen

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  1. LOVE THIS ARTICLE <3 The last two days in thinking of my readings with you... I was thinking along these SAME lines of "were not supposed to know" certain things.. We are supposed to listen and learn through our own spiritual internal guide but I know when that gets confusing because our minds are over thinking, you Karen, can be my savior into reaffirming my connection with the Divine is accurate and I can trust my intuition. Your wonderful and your gift to help guide is amazing.