Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trust of the Highest Order - Loving Another Human Being

Many of us have been lulled into complacency by a relationship that has lasted many years, and then are "blown away" by the very person we trusted leaving us without explanation. It is mind blowing to say the least and devastating. The inability of individuals to articulate that they are unhappy within their relationship leads to infidelity, and destruction. Relationships that end without "closure" leave both parties without perspective and an ability to move forward. Many of us wake up to find ourselves in an unhappy state of being, and because we cannot attribute that unhappiness to something inside of ourselves, we then blame our partner/spouse for that unhappiness. We want change, even if it is destructive, and we assume that change is always the answer. If you find yourself feeling unhappy with your life, consider that this feeling may be temporary, slow down and talk through with yourself and your partner about your unhappiness. Money comes and money go, children grow and leave home, aging happens, and health declines despite our best efforts at fitness. Happiness is a choice, and commitment to work on a relationship needs to be a daily effort. Relationships are like plants, they need to be fed, and have sunlight (fun) in order to grow. Sometimes, holding the hand of the person you care about will need to be enough. Romance comes in the form of a knowing look, and a gentle touch. We are in a society that has such high expectations for everyone and everything. Perfect doesn't exist and certainly not with people in relationships. For today, choose "good enough."  Namaste, Karen

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