Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding Time For What Matters - Not Easy, but Necessary!

With all of the running around that we all do daily, it is a wonder that we have time at all to "smell the roses" as the saying goes. I don't know about you, but I am often torn in six or more directions at once. We wear so many hats; individual, mom/dad, spouse/significant other, daughter/son, employer/employee. How to choose what to focus on?
I recently was with my daughter at the hospital because she was sick and had to go to the Emergency Room. As they wheeled in an older gentleman on a gurney, I thought to myself "there but for the grace of God go I." I can assure you he was most probably not thinking about how he could have worked harder or longer in his life at that very moment. He also may not have been thinking about how much money he had amassed and how great that was as he lay there in what looked like a very uncomfortable state. He was by himself, at the mercy of the hospital staff. No relatives I heard the ambulance man say. Hmmmm....I thought. Maybe life is not about skipping the gym and not having any children in your old age. Well, at least I have some family I thought. Better keep that gym membership! Now to prioritize. I think I am going to try HARDER to put what matters most first. How about you? Karen


  1. Priorities are balanced by perspective and passion is your guiding light ESP when life tosses stormy seas at you. Each of us must find the process thar works best for us to achieve that which we have prioritized. If we can remain aware of what matters most in every present moment then we shall persevere! KMR

  2. Thanks, Karen. For reminding me to try to take care of me. I am not sure I will be successful, but I will try. It is hard for me to live in my body. I live from the neck up in my head. I think I spend so much time in the "ethers" that I forget to ground.

  3. The body is the temple if the soul. Though it is only temporary we should
    Care for it with the same reverence as we do the soul. It is a gift of God and when we find joy in the body our spirits dance!��