Sunday, January 15, 2012

What the disabled can teach us about love and life

I was reading a story in O Magazine about a woman named Monica Wood that has a disabled sister named Betty Wood. The story is entitled: What Betty Knows.  It was so touching that I thought I would link it to my blog. We take for granted and forget that we are blessed with what we call "normal lives." Clearly, it is sometimes those who are disabled that are able to show us what real love looks like.

I have a client with a disabled brother who lives in a group home. This woman is one of the most patient, loving and kind individuals because she has had a disabled brother who has taught her about what it is to be family.

When you pray, pray not for things of great value. Give thanks for little things like the ability to love deeply, hold another's hand, and watch out for another fellow human being. The world seeks perfection, and yet in the eyes of Spirit all are perfect in their own way. Seek truth and beauty, but also seek imperfection because God/Goddess can be found in unanswered prayers as well.  In love and light. Karen

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