Monday, January 9, 2012

When a diagnosis of a life threatening nature happens in a family

Recently, I have had not just a few friends hit with the news that a loved one of theirs might die. This news always shocking is never easy. We feel like we have been punched in the stomach by God. How could this happen, we ask? Why us? I am always asked if this is retribution for something. The answer is I don't think so, I think that it is like fire forging the blade of a sword. Adversity strengthens us.
A dear friend of mine was fine when I saw him two months ago, and is now wheelchair bound and it is shocking on all levels. He used to out ski me on the best and brightest Colorado blue sky days! Now, unable to walk, he is adjusting to his new reality and we are doing the same. The Soul's purpose here on earth is a great mystery. Some say we are here to learn lessons. If that were the case, it would be nice to know what the lessons were in advance so we could move through them quickly and avoid the "yucky" parts. It is wise to take life day by day, and to keep your expectations in check. I have taken to saying thank you on a daily basis for each sunset and each opportunity to be with my child, and my husband. Life is too short to miss the good times. Take lots of pictures, folks. It is sweet to have memories. To all those who are hurting out there, know that I care deeply if you are o.k. There may not be time to connect often, but we will take what we can get. Right? I wish you peace, and less worries. Take Care of you. Karen

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